Commercial Explosives
& Blasting



Blasting companies need lawyers on their side who understand the scientific and technical procedures involved in today’s blasting operations. As national counsel for several blasting insurance companies and with 20 years of experience defending blasting operators, we have investigated, litigated, and defended hundreds of blasting claims throughout the United States. Our experience is unmatched. From overcoming jurors’ misconceptions about blasting, to fighting challenges from overreaching regulators and disarming disgruntled homeowners and hostile communities, we are here to defend our clients and the industry.

We are proud of our longtime clients and relationships and are actively involved in the blasting community. As members of the International Society of Explosives Engineers and other industry groups, we are frequently asked to present at blasting conferences; construction, mining, and aggregate association gatherings; and training seminars hosted by state and federal agencies as well as in-house courses performed by clients. We are proud to advise, assist, and represent our clients in all aspects of blasting operations, including:

  • Property damage claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Wrongful deaths
  • Regulatory matters, including administrative actions concerning violations, citations, and notices of non-compliance
  • Contract issues
  • Construction disputes
  • Targeted training for owners, supervisors, and blasters concerning standard operating procedures designed to improve risk management and liability protection

We understand commercial blasting operations are performed by skilled, highly trained people who care about their profession and the safety and welfare of others. But "stuff happens,” and even the best blasters occasionally need a lawyer who will fight for them. Regardless of the issue, we team with our clients to obtain favorable outcomes and are always available to assist.