For more than 20 years, Montgomery, Rennie & Jonson’s appellate practice has defended summary judgment rulings for our trial clients through appeal, served as separate appellate counsel to prosecute and defend civil appeals, and contributed our appellate expertise to trial teams. Our attorneys appear regularly before the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and the First Appellate District, both located in our backyard, other Ohio intermediate appellate courts, and the Ohio Supreme Court. We’ve also represented clients in state and federal appellate courts in a number of other jurisdictions.

Partners with extensive appellate experience lead our appellate team. George Jonson has represented clients through appeals for three decades; appears before the Supreme Court of Ohio on a regular basis, both in his appellate work and in his representation of attorneys in disciplinary proceedings; has dozens of Sixth Circuit decisions; and has shaped Ohio substantive law on appeal in areas including judicial immunity, products liability, and the standard for entering judgment notwithstanding the verdict. Linda Woeber has more than two decades of experience, and she briefs and argues appeals frequently before the Sixth Circuit, especially in the area of employment law.